Our Simple Teardrop. For the simple teardrop we will discuss the trailer from Harbor Freight as it is the cheapest on the market.

Travel trailers are not cheap. They can present a large investment both in terms of money, towing vehicles and fuel. In addition, with gas prices high.

Even if you think you can't afford an RV, I bet you can afford this RV. It's called a teardrop trailer. .

How long does it take to build a Teardrop Trailer? A. This also depends on you. It is like asking "how long does it take to build a room addition?

Welcome to Larry and Diane's Construction Page © Follow us through the complete construction process in building our off-road Teardrop trailer.

"SHOULD I BUY A NEW TEARDROP, RESTORE AN OLD TEARDROP, OR BUILD ONE FROM SCRATCH?" How to select the project that matches your talent.

How to Build a Motorcycle Camper Trailer; Camping in a Teardrop Trailer; How to Purchase a Vintage Camper; How to Find the Radius.

Sure you can buy a factory-built teardrop trailer for thousands of dollars, but wouldn't it be better to build it yourself.

Teardrop trailer information site for builders of teardrop trailers.

The builder saved his dimes from every time he broke a dollar bill and apparently when there was enough money to build the teardrop trailer.